The Value of BTM Basketball

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There are many delicate factors that are involved in the planning, organization and delivery of a successful international basketball tour, from booking the group’s flights and accommodation at the cheapest price to ensuring high-level basketball coaching and games that allow the team to make the most of their opportunity.
At BTM Basketball we can take care of all of the tour elements for you, organising packages that fit your budget whilst minimising the work you have to do yourself, and maximising the time that you can focus on meeting your team’s tour objectives and enjoying the experience.

Some important price-related factors to be aware of when you are considering a tour are:

Locations: Selecting your tour location depends on your objectives for the tour e.g. tournament competition, access to leisure activities such as the pool or beach, or mixing in cultural experiences such as city tours. These should be balanced with the relative cost effectiveness of getting to these location. Destinations with many flight options, such as Madrid, Barcelona or Boston will be more cost-effective than Eastern Europe or mid-America, which have less frequent flights or may require stopovers.

Dates: It can often be considerably cheaper to tour during term-time, such as in late June or early July than during half-terms or Easter. If you do want to travel during holiday terms then book as early as possible to get the best price.

BTM_BB_281217_201Time Frame: The earlier the planning and confirmation of the tour the better! 12 to 9 months in advance allows us to put together the best price for you and your team.

We can take care of all the following tour elements:

Basketball Activities: We work with reputable host clubs and tournaments that offer a good match for team objectives, whether those be team building, player development and/or competition.

Other activities: We research and organise quality excursions and activities in every location to create important cultural and leisure additions to the tour.

Flights: We manage and book group flights up front, as well as gathering passenger APD information.

Accommodation: We select accommodation that offers you quality facilities that suit your budget and ensure you have a great base where your team can rest and recuperate.

Food: We organise the food on a tour, which can be a challenging and time consuming task and allows you to relax whilst eating.
Transport: We manage all in-tour airport transfers and transport logistics including coach travel and public transport.

BTM Representative: We provide a BTM rep for the entirety of your tour, whose role is to take care of ALL in-tour admin and organization, leaving you to focus on your team’s tour objectives.

Tour administration: We gather ALL player information, communicate with parents, organise suppliers and manage itineraries which is absolutely vital to providing your players and their parents with a good service and ensuring the tour runs smoothly.

Protection: We ensure there are proper risk assessments and health & safety processes in place, to not only protect your players but protect you as a tour organiser. We offer financial protection for player payments, which as a tour operator is a legal obligation.

IMG_4926Insurances: We provide insurance cover and/or advice that is very important to ensure that all the tour party is protected.

It is essential when planning and organizing a tour that all crucial boxes are ticked, from insurances, policies, flights, transport, food and accommodation to training sessions, games, leisure and cultural experiences.

We at BTM Basketball pride ourselves on offering exceptional basketball tours with comprehensive coverage of all the above, and are committed to providing the experiences for your team that will be remembered for a lifetime. Click here for our tour enquiry form and start off your BTM Basketball journey…